Great Places To Visit In Atlanta, Georgia

While not quite in the same league as big names such as New York, Texas, and California, Georgia is easily among the most well known and heavily visited areas of the United States. Atlanta in particular is a leading major city, and the state itself has quite a lot of history given its stature as one of the 13 original colonies. Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta is also said to be among the busiest in the entire world. If you find yourself visiting the famous capitol city anytime soon, make sure to stop by one of the following places:

1 – Suntrust Park

The newly built Suntrust Park in Atlanta, GA is home to the world famous Atlanta Braves, a widely known figure in Major League Baseball. The team garnered a widespread following even outside of the local fans since they spent many years with their games broadcast on TBS, a major cable network that goes out nationwide and beyond. There’s just no way to fully experience everything Geoergia has to offer without taking in a Braves game. This of course is an outing that can be great for the whole family, and the park itself is filled with incredibly memorabilia.

2 – Centennial Park

Right in the heart of Atlanta you will find Centennial Park, a 20 plus acre public location that honors the city’s tenure as the 1996 Summer Olympics host. It’s an incredibly gorgeous area, complete with an Olympic ring fountain. Make sure to visit at night in particular to take advantage of the gorgeous lights.

3 – The World Of Coca Cola

Coca Cola, perhaps the world’s most famous soft drink, was actually created in Atlanta. There’s an entire museum in the city dedicated to Coke and its many forms. Of particular note is the section where different Coke flavors from all over the world are featured in free fountains for all to try. As a personal tip, be sure to stay away from the infamous Beverly!

4 – The Varsity

Finally, make sure you stop by the Varsity when you’re hungry in Atlanta. There are all kinds of great eats here, with everything from burgers and fries to hot dogs and shakes. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, so sit down and dig in. There’s no doubting you’ll want to come back again and again!