How to rent your first apartment in Birmingham

Birmingham is a beautiful city filled with hospitality and a unique southern charm. It is located in Alabama, United States, being the perfect place to start a new professional life, a new family or to retire in peace. Birmingham accommodates new residents easily, whether they are students or seniors. The economy in Birmingham is definitely a good one, as the city is center to top business and banks. There are many amenities available in Birmingham, and that is why you should look for close by Birmingham AL apartments when you decide to move. Renting an apartment is more affordable than buying one, so you need a guide on how to rent your first apartment, don`t you?

Usually, the price for rental apartments in Birmingham starts from $780 and can go up to $2000. You should start by planning a budget for your movement and for the first months as a tenant. Make sure you take into consideration the monthly rent, but also the extra costs, such as utilities, food, leisure time activities, etc. Also, when you first move into a new place, you will be asked to pay the two month`s rent or even three month`s rent (depending on the landlord), just as a guarantee in case you leave announced.  Also, do not forget to calculate your ideal rent. It should be no more than 30% of your monthly income, so you can afford other costs as well.

The second step to take when you want to rent your first apartment in Birmingham is deciding where you want to live in this city. Of course, you should base this second decision on your budget you already calculated. Also consider how close your workplace to your new home is, how close the amenities you need, etc are. Transportation is usually more expensive if you are far away from home. Find a balance between your budget, your dream neighborhood and your workplace and choose an area comfortable enough for you, which is still affordable.

The third step is deciding for a roommate, or not. You should consider all the cons and pros of a roommate and see if you want to live a stranger or not. The cost of the apartment will be split into half, but your personal space as well. So, what is more important to you? Money or your personal space? You should be aware that having a roommate is a huge responsibility and not everyone can do it.

The next step to take is going apartment hunting in your favorite Birmingham neighborhood and choosing the best one for you. You should look for all the amenities you want in it and also get a good price for you. A real estate agent may be very helpful, so consider hiring one if you can afford it. In the end, you should sign the lease, but read the entire agreement first.