Rebuilding After Divorce: Apartments In Decatur GA

It’s been a rough few months for my family. After a lot of personal turmoil, I decided to separate from my husband. Unfortunately, I had to find a new place for my children and me to live. I immediately began searching for apartments in decatur ga that would meet our needs. Ultimately, I was looking for a two bedroom with a little bit of space for the kids to play. I didn’t realize how complicated the process of securing an apartment could be. These are my top tips for finding a place that works for your needs.

1. Set A Budget

Obviously, a budget was very important to me because I didn’t have a lot of extra money. Before you even start looking for an apartment, figure out what you have to spend on rent each month. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of utilities. In general, about thirty percent of your salary should be allocated to rent. Once you figure out what your budget is, don’t be tempted to view apartments that are outside of what you can afford. It will only cause you to have unrealistic expectations going forward.

2. Take Your Time

In a situation like mine, I was trying to move quickly. Life has a way of making these transitions fairly urgent. But, it is important to take your time when looking for apartments in Decatur GA so that you can compare your options. This is the best way to get the most for your money. Had I only looked at three or four places, I would have ended up spending too much on my new apartment. The one I finally secured was a hundred dollars less a month than the first one I viewed, and it actually had more space as well.

3. Pay Attention To The Neighborhood

Particularly since I was moving with children, it was important to me that the neighborhood I moved into was relatively clean and safe. In addition to driving through the area at several different times a day, I also used the Internet to my advantage. Sites like AddressReport can provide you with a lot of great facts and figures about the neighborhood you are investigating.

Moving to an apartment can be a stressful process, but you can make it easier by following the tips above. In the end, all of the work is worth it because you have a beautiful new place to call home!