The Best Neighborhoods in Birmingham

Birmingham is a big city located in Alabama, being, at the same time, a wealthy area in the South. There is no wonder why more and more people choose to move to Birmingham and start a new, beautiful life here. There are many work opportunities in Birmingham, as well as many leisure time activities to choose during your relaxing weekends. Finding Close by birmingham al apartments is not difficult, as the real estate market always has great deals on rental or buying properties, but the most important thing of all is finding the best neighborhood to live in this amazing city!

Downtown Birmingham represents the best place to truly live an urban life. The area is perfect for young people, as there is unlimited access to culture and fun, and also to cuisine or other community amenities. The center of the city has two major, beautiful neighborhoods where a young professional or an empty nester can easily find an apartment: Loft District and Norwood. The Loft District is filled with apartments, historic lofts, and spaces where you can both work and live. This area is a vibrant one, where one can feel the urban buzzing all around. Great amenities are included in all of the Loft District areas.  Norwood is as well a great neighborhood located in the center of the city, perfect for artsy persons and culture lovers. It was developed in the Arts and Crafts period, and is currently filled with bungalows, arts and crafts, colonial and Greek revival homes, etc. Definitely, downtown is one of the best choices when it comes to living in Birmingham!

Along with the downtown area, eastside Birmingham is a great place where you can move in and enjoy the vibrant, historic life. This neighborhood is one of the oldest one of Birmingham, but it has experienced many changes in the course of time. There are four major areas located in Eastside Birmingham, and those are: Crestwood, East Lake, Roebuck Springs and Woodlawn. What do all these have in common? A strong historic feeling and warm communities, ready to welcome new residents with all the amenities they need. In Crestwood there are some great, beautiful homes to be found, from ranches to historic houses, but also modern and hip bungalows. East Lake is the place where arts & crafts lovers will feel at home, with many bungalows built exactly in this style, and Roebuck Springs is a more quiet area, with many historic homes and craftsman bungalows. In the end, Woodlawn is the perfect place for families, with Victorian and arts & crafts buildings, and many amenities around.

The Southside and Westside Birmingham are not to be forgotten either. Southside is a great rental area, with beautiful neighborhoods, such as Glen Iris, Lakeview and Five Points South. The Westside is also a historic area, with superb neighborhoods, such as Ensley or Bush Hills. Red Mountain should be also checked up by families and seniors.